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Project Description
FleXSetup is a collection of WiX (Windows Installer XML) automation tools that make life easier for WiX developers.

FleXSetup: Professional tools for professional setup developers

Currently Available Tools
- SimpleSfx: a free, open-source self-extractor builder
- Unpacker: pure Win32 self-extractor used as part of SimpleSfx (does not require .NET Framework!)
- MSIDiff: a tool that compares two MSIs
- WiXFileTool: generates WiX file definitions and component definitions for a collection of files

Possible Future Tools
- Patch maker: a simple wizard that generates a WiX PCP project from two MSI files
- MSIValidator: a tool that validates an MSI against a .cub file

About Dacris Software
Dacris Software Inc. is a Canadian ISV, founded by Dan Tohatan in 1999 to create powerful software for IT professionals and technology enthusiasts. The company slogan is "Optimize Life."

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