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Using the FleXSetup Tools

This application allows you to create a self-extracting archive from a ZIP file.

The default behavior of the self-extractor is to launch SETUP.CMD after extracting the ZIP file to a temporary directory.
SETUP.CMD is launched from the root directory of the ZIP file.

For example, if your ZIP file contains "SETUP.CMD" and "ProductSetup.EXE" in the root directory, and you want to launch ProductSetup.exe, all you have to do is put the following line in SETUP.CMD:

Command-line interface to create a self-extracting archive from a ZIP file.

SIMPLESFX Exefile.exe

Embeds '' into 'Exefile.exe'.
Note: 'Exefile.exe' must be a copy of Unpacker.exe

Default behavior is to decompress the ZIP file to a temporary directory,
then run SETUP.CMD from the root directory of the ZIP file.
After SETUP.CMD execution is complete, the temporary directory is removed.

You may modify resources inside Unpacker.exe if you wish, using ResHacker.
Create a template self-extractor (MyUnpacker.exe) to use in your project.

The self-extractor is 'Output.exe', generated in the current directory.

ERRORLEVELs: 0 => Success, 1 => Error

To compare packages in MSIDiff, click Open. Select the original package, then select the comparison (new) package to compare with.

The differences between the selected packages are shown in the two trees on the left and in the list on the right. Select a table to see which columns and rows are different for that table. Then, select a column or row to see the actual differences in the list on the right.

MSIDiff allows you to save the differences to a file. To do this, click the Save button in the toolbar.


This tool is really simple. Just click Select a Directory or Select Files to select a set of files. When you click OK, the WiX code will be automatically generated. You should be able to copy & paste the code into your WiX project.

Building the Source Code

All projects require Visual Studio 2008. For compatibility reasons, we do not use LINQ or .NET 3.5. All projects are .NET 3.0 or earlier. You should be able to simply open a solution (.sln) and run it right away from Visual Studio. There should be no broken dependencies.

Some solutions contain multiple projects. Always open a .sln file. Never open a .csproj file directly. The solutions are intended to be self-contained and build without errors.

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